Sare Guarantee Mechanisms: A Mid-Term Assessment 10/02/2021 @ 09 :00 – 12 :00

On 10 February 2021, at the head office of Tunisian Professional Association for Banks and Financial Institutions (APTBEF), SOTUGAR organized a mid-term evaluation seminar on the activities of the SARE and SARE mechanisms at which the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Tunisia were also represented.

Representatives of the banking community were given a presentation on the two mechanisms and their performance up to 31 January 2021 as well as the difficulties encountered and the challenges lying ahead.

As regards the interventions of said funds at 31 January 2021, SOTUGAR officials indicated that more than 1,400 loans worth 574 million Tunisian dinars (TND) had been declared with respect to the SARE mechanism and a total of 218 loans worth TND 106 million had been declared concerning the SARE Tourism mechanism.

During the seminar, the upcoming reopening of the “was also announced, following the extension of the period of intervention of said mechanisms to 31 December 2021.